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The Yuasa Smart Shot automatic battery chargers are available in 900 milliamp and 1.5 amp charge capacities and ensure that optimum power is available from your battery when you need it. Both chargers are supplied with a fused-ring connector, in addition to the alligator clips that can be attached permanently to your battery, making charging and maintaining your battery a snap. Additional fused-ring connectors can be purchased, allowing you to easily reattach the chargers to a number of vehicles.

The Yuasa Digital Battery Tester is simple to use and will accurately determine the condition of your battery in seconds. It will even test a discharged battery!

Yuasa chargers are sold through Yuasa Certified Dealers.

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Automatic 1 Amp High Efficiency Battery Charger

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Product Number:

  • 3 stage charge cycle
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simply attach to battery & plug it in
  • Charges and maintains your battery
  • 3 color LED displays your charge status at a glance
  • Reaches 14.4 volt peak then automatically switches to maintenance mode
  • Designed to prevent overcharging
  • Includes quick connect adapter and alligator clips
  • 5 year warranty

MSRP: $40.17

Digital Powersports Battery Tester

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Product Number:

  • Developed exclusively for Powersports batteries
  • Determines accurate battery status in seconds
  • Tests batteries according to A.H. rating
  • Single load, dynamic resistance technology minimizes battery drain during test
  • Tests both charged and discharged batteries
  • 1 year warranty

MSRP: $267.46

Automatic 12V 4 Amp Battery Charger

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Product Number:

  • Charges both conven- tional (flooded) and sealed (VRLA) Power- sports batteries
  • Up to 20 volts aids in recovering deeply discharged "sulfated" batteries
  • "Quick Mode" for quick vehicle set-up
  • "Normal Mode" for smaller batteries, initial activation and deeply discharged batteries
  • Diagnosis function advises if battery is damaged and will not take a charge, and alerts if charger is attached in reverse to the battery

MSRP: $267.46

10-Bank Battery Maintainer

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Product Number:

  • Maintain up to 10 batteries at a time
  • 5-stage maintenance/ float charge
  • Prequalification battery test
  • Built-in timer for battery protection

MSRP: $437.87

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