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In 1977, Yuasa Battery Japan formed a joint venture company with General Battery Corporation in Laureldale, PA. With the formation of Yuasa/General Battery, the new company manufactured its first battery in 1979, producing standard conventional and Yumicron 12 volt batteries.

Yuasa/General Battery engineered its first YMF14L-2 maintenance free and gas recombination battery for the powersports aftermarket in the early 1980’s. Additionally, the Company developed the first AGM, YTX14-BS specifically for ATV applications.

In 1987, Yuasa/Exide Battery Corporation evolved when General Battery sold its company to Exide Corporation. Yuasa/Exide Battery Corporation purchased Exide’s Industrial Division (Motive Power and stand by batteries) in 1991 to form Yuasa Inc.

In 2000, Yuasa Battery Inc. was established when Yuasa Inc. sold its industrial division and sealed lead acid business to Enersys.

In 2004, Yuasa Japan merged with Japan Storage Battery to form GS Yuasa Corporation.

Today, Yuasa Battery Inc. is the number one powersports battery provider, supplying more OEM's than all other competitors combined.

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