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Yuasa YIX20HL Delivers Superior Performance In Extremely Low Temperatures

LAURELDALE, PA. – Realizing that many powersports vehicles are used in extremely low temperature conditions, Yuasa Battery, Inc., the worldwide leader in powersports batteries, has introduced the YIX20HL AGM battery, designed to deliver additional cranking power at extremely cold temperatures – tested down to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The YIX20HL utilizes some of the advanced technology used in the Yuasa GYZ AGM series of high-performance batteries to deliver improved cold cranking amps throughout its operational temperature range, especially in lower temperatures. It provides 320 CCAs at zero degrees Fahrenheit, the standard BCI test temperature. The YIX20HL is rated at 18 amp-hours (Ah) and 12 volts.

While the low temperature cranking improvement is only a benefit in specific applications, any vehicle using a Yuasa YTX20L or YTX20HL, or a similar size battery from another manufacturer, can benefit from the increased performance at normal operating temperatures by upgrading to the YIX20HL.

Along with increased capacity, Yuasa AGM batteries were also designed to provide a significantly lower self-discharge rate and improved cycle life. The low self-discharge rate, combined with the increased capacity, offers greater residual capacity for improved performance after periods of inactivity. This increased residual capacity is also necessary for the higher key-off power drain common in newer powersports vehicles.

Yuasa Battery, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of powersports batteries in the United States. Due to the proven quality and reputation established over several decades, Yuasa is the leading supplier of batteries to major original equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers throughout the world.

For more information about Yuasa YIX20HL battery and the full line of Yuasa performance products and premium accessories, visit www.yuasabatteries.com.

About Yuasa:

Yuasa Battery, Inc., with headquarters in Laureldale, Pa., is the largest supplier of original equipment batteries and accessories to the powersports industry. Yuasa also provides a comprehensive line of Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid NP-branded batteries for the security, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), telecommunications, emergency lighting and medical equipment industries. For additional information, visit www.yuasabatteries.com.



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