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Announcement on Joe Majesky

LAURELDALE, PA. - A legend and one of the most well-known faces in the North American powersports battery industry, Mr. Joe Majesky, has recently decided to retire on August 31, 2017 after 47 years of service.

"In the powersports battery market, Joe is Yuasa and Yuasa is Joe", said Hitoshi Ohta, Chairman and CEO of Yuasa Battery, Inc. "Joe is the individual who initiated and made sure our premier quality batteries would be recognized and continuously sustain the highest brand image on the market. His love of, passion for, and dedication to Yuasa, is just incredible and because of this, we still enjoy the highest reputation and trust from the industry. We cannot thank him enough for his great, great contributions."

Joe will to continue to assist Yuasa as a consultant starting September 1st.

"Joe will be greatly missed. We will do our very best to carry over the valued reputation and tradition he has aspired so hard to establish and solidify into the next Yuasa generation."

About Yuasa:
Yuasa Battery, Inc., headquartered in Laureldale, Pa., is the largest supplier of original equipment batteries and accessories to the powersports industry. Yuasa also provides a comprehensive line of Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid NP-branded batteries for the security, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), telecommunications, emergency lighting and medical equipment industries. For additional information, visit www.yuasabattery.com.



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