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Testimonial - Canada, September 2011
by Anne Coleman


September, 2011

September 14, 2011
I own a 750, 2002 Honda Magna. The Magna is a V4 sport cruiser. Honda took a VFR engine , put it in a Shadow body and called it the "Magna". Sadly, Honda stopped making this bike in 2003. In the spring of 2006, I bought my Magna, from a fellow in Texas. The bike was mint! I have had many great trips on my Magna; Baja California, Florida, Pennsylvania and most recently a 17 day, 3000 km ride through some of the best riding roads in British Columbia, Canada.

A few weeks ago, I started my bike in my condo underground parking lot. Upon leaving, I realized I had forgotten to lock my car. I shut the bike off turned around in my saddle to remote-lock my car. I turned the key in my bike and got a ratatatat sound. I called my boyfriend Allan Jaggard (a 35 yr seasoned mx rider and top sales rep for Motovan Canada) and let him hear the noise. We both agreed that it sounded like the battery.

I found out from fellow Magna riders that the bike came, stock, with a YUASA battery. My battery was 9 years old! Some Magna riders on the forum raved about the YUASA battery. One close friend said his YUASA battery was 11 years old and still going strong! Another rider posted that he bought another brand and it only lasted a year. He then posted that he bought the YUASA and would never stray again.

Allan charged up my 9 yr old YUASA battery. I also got the "lecture" (lol) about proper maintenance of my battery ie using the OPTIMATE battery tender/charger over the winter or when the bike sits for long periods of time. The bike started up right away. I was thrilled. Four days later I tried to start up the bike. It started up THEN it shut off, THEN the ratatatat sound, THEN died completely. I was heartbroken.

Allan ordered a new battery so of course I chose a YUASA. I still had this strong feeling that the battery was not the problem. I put the new YUASA battery in just before I headed to the bike shop. Later that day, the shop called to say that my rectifier/regulator needed replacing. The battery was not the issue. Rather, it was the R/R draining/overcharging the battery.

Recently, I had the opportunity and pleasure of attending the Motovan powersport trade show in Las Vegas where I met the YUASA team. I just had to tell them this story. I am thrilled to write this letter in praise of a great product: YUASA.

Anne Coleman
Toronto, CANADA



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