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Testimonial - Indianapolis, April 2012
Hello Mr. Hitoshi Ohta,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the 2012 Dealer Show in Indianapolis. I was the individual that has the Yuasa battery that has lasted me 14 years, yes 14. I still own the same motorcycle that the battery came with, a 1997 Honda ST1100 now with 93000 miles.

The battery is definitely an original. I never had a battery last me that long let alone in a motorcycle. It's not often you hear of something lasting this long and I just wanted to share my testimonial. I have traveled many places with this battery, across the U.S. and Canada with never a problem. Even running a heated vest and other accessories the battery was happy to oblige without complaint.

Now comes the time for me to replace the battery and I won't use nothing but a genuine Yuasa battery for this motorcycle.

Thank You for building an awesome product.


Del Fredin
DeCal Works



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