Automotive Batteries


Get the reliability and trusted power of Yuasa batteries for your car, truck, SUV, boat, or leisure vehicles! Designed with enhanced safety features, like built-in flame arrestors and a rollover-proof lid, Yuasa’s YBX series batteries are also maintenance-free and OEM quality. Utilizing the maximum number of plates for superior starting power, they come to you fully charged and ready to mount. Look below to find out which YBX series battery is right for your particular needs.

*Due to supply chain issues, YBX Series batteries are currently limited for purchase. The Find A Dealer and Where to Buy pages will be updated as YBX Series Batteries become more widely available.*

Yuasa YBX 9000 automotive battery, designed for the most advanced luxury and hybrid vehicles and technology

YBX9000 Series Batteries

Cutting Edge Battery Technology

Designed for today’s most advanced vehicle technology, including regenerative braking, energy recovery, and Start-Stop, Yuasa YBX9000 series batteries are designed and engineered to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions, they continue to offer stellar Yuasa safety features like no free acid with spill-proof construction.

Get the performance and specifications you deserve with a completely maintenance-free battery that comes to you charged and ready to mount. The Yuasa YBX9000 line gives ultimate peace of mind, optimized for cars, trucks, or SUV’s that require partial-state of charge performance. They also have a longer shelf life.

  • Designed & engineered for vehicles with advanced technology such as Start – Stop, regenerative braking & energy recovery
  • Reduced fuel consumption & lower emissions
  • Maximum safety with spill proof construction & no free acid


YBX7000 Series Batteries

Long Lasting, Advanced Battery Solutions

Designed and engineered with advanced vehicle technologies in mind such as Start-Stop, YBX7000 Series batteries employ a lithium carbon additive for improved charge acceptance and performance. This top-of-the-line battery and reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions. The YBX7000 series is the recommended choice for standard ignition cars, trucks, or SUV’s making lots of regular short trips – such as taxis or delivery vehicles.

Yuasa YBX series automotive batteries offer next-generation battery technology developed with leading vehicle manufacturers, including partial-state of charge performance now required by many advanced vehicles. A lower self-discharge rate also offers longer shelf life.

  • Designed & engineered for vehicles with advanced technology such as Start – Stop
  • Lithium carbon additive for improved charge acceptance & performance
  • Reduced fuel consumption & lower emissions
  • The recommended choice for standard ignition vehicles that make lots of regular short journeys such as taxis & delivery vehicles


Yuasa YBX 7000 automotive battery, for standard ignition vehicles such as taxis or delivery vehicles
Yuasa YBX 5000 automotive battery, ideal for cold climates and high power demands.

YBX5000 Series Batteries

Superior Power & Performance

Yuasa YBX5000 series conventional automotive batteries offers powerful performance you’ve come to love for Powersports vehicles and ORVs, perfectly designed for vehicles with high power demands such as cars, trucks, or SUVs. YBX5000 series batteries are maintenance-free and ready to install at purchase.

Enhanced safety features of the YBX5000 series include:

  • For vehicles with high power demands
  • Maximum plates for superior starting power
  • Rollover proof lid for extra safety
  • Ideal for cold weather climates
  • Premium choice for superior power & performance

YBX5000 series batteries are ideal for cold weather climates and the premium choice for superior power and performance.


YBX Auxiliary Series Batteries

Meeting Modern Vehicle Needs

For hundreds of thousands of new, advanced, and luxury cars, trucks, and SUV’s, auxiliary batteries are necessary to support the technology. If you drive a luxury vehicle like an Audi, BMW, Jeep or Mercedes, you need a 12V backup auxiliary battery to support the electrical load in conjunction with the starter battery. The YBX Auxiliary line meets that need and exceeds your expectations.

Designed to last longer on the shelf, YBX Auxiliary batteries are OEM quality, with exact standards and specifications ideal for vehicles with enhanced auxiliary battery systems. That includes OEM matching lid ventilation, making them a safe, equal replacement to original equipment. Maintenance-free, spill-free, and made with Yuasa quality.

  • Ideal for the unique requirements of vehicles with auxiliary battery systems
  • Maximum safety with spill proof construction & no free acid
  • Fully maintenance free
  • Long service life
  • Supplied fully charged & ready to fit


Yuasa YBX Auxiliary automotive backup battery to support electrical load in your new, advance, and luxury vehicles.
Yuasa YBX Active marine battery, ideal for maximum performance, safety, and quality.

YBX Active Series Batteries

Leisure, Marine, or Specialist & Garden

Yuasa’s new YBX Active battery lineup introduces powerful new technology and advanced safety features for leisure, marine, garden and specialist applications. Safety, performance, and OEM quality are built-in to the YBX Active Series.

Battery labels clearly relate each YBX Active Series battery’s AMP hour, Cold Cranking Amps, and Marine Cranking Amps specifications making it easier for customers to select the right battery based on their individual requirements.

  • Vibrolock construction provides enhanced vibration resistance
  • Dual terminal
  • Supplied charged and ready to fit
  • Enhanced safety features including integrated flame arrestor & carry handle
  • Fully maintenance free
  • Leak proof double lid


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