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Yuasa’s YBX battery series brings decades of trusted performance in Powersports to the Automotive Industry, with uncompromising quality, made for today’s demanding technology. Modern cars, trucks, and SUVs call for the power and reliability of Yuasa’s YBX batteries. Trust the quality, safety, and next-generation battery technology OEMs and dealers choose the most worldwide.

Yuasa Battery: From Pioneer to Global Leader

  • Trusted, highly recognizable, and credible brand since 1979.
  • Engineered for performance, long life, and maximum power.
  • Unrivaled quality assurance.
  • Proven track record of reliability, power and quality.


Automotive Batteries Designed for Next-Generation Battery Technology

  • Designed with leading vehicle manufacturers.
  • Cutting-edge, reliable power, with wide brand recognition.
  • Trusted by manufacturers, OEM’s, distributors, and end users.
  • Upgrade with batteries built for advanced technology like regenerative braking, and energy recovery.


Power For All Your Adventures

  • The YBX series is suitable for cars, trucks, SUV’s, taxis, delivery vehicles, Powersports, ORV’s, and more.
  • Trusted OEM for brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and Honda.
  • Designed for high power demands, cold weather climates, and auxiliary battery systems.
  • YBX Axillary options provide solutions for vehicles with enhanced auxiliary battery systems.


Maintenance-Free, Reliable, Safe

  • Completely maintenance-free batteries.
  • YBX batteries meet or exceed standards and requirements set by OEMs.
  • Worry-free safety features: built-in flame arrestors, rollover and spill-proof lids, and enhanced vibration resistance.


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