YBX5000 Series

YBX5000 Series Batteries

Yuasa YBX 5000 series conventional automotive batteries offers the same powerful performance you’ve come to love for Powersports vehicles and ORVs, perfectly designed for cars, trucks, or SUVs with high power demands. Built for power, ease of use, and safety in mind, these batteries are maintenance-free and come ready to install at purchase.  YBX 5000 series conventional automotive batteries are ideal for cold weather climates and are the premium choice for superior power and performance.

  • Meets high power demands for advanced technology vehicles
    Advanced materials and exceptional quality prevent leaks and enhance safety features that keep you safe even if your vehicle rolls over.
  • Maximum plates for superior starting power
    Exemplary OEM quality makes the YBX 5000 series the perfect replacement battery
    for your needs, leveraging maximum plates for maximum power.
  • Rollover-proof lid for extra safety
    Safety is non-negotiable. Yuasa’s YBX5000 battery series keeps you safe with
    rollover-proof lid design keeping noxious acids safely inside your battery.
  • Ideal for cold weather climates
    Never get left in the cold, start your engine reliably with up to 800A (YBX5094R)
  • Premium choice for superior power & performance
    Provides a high performing and convenient replacement over OEM.
  • OEM & Aftermarket Quality
    Trusted for over 40 years by Original Equipment Manufacturers and owners to deliver power and performance for both OEM and replacement battery needs.
  • Performance Markings Exceeding U.S. Standards
    No shortcuts here. Yuasa continues to adhere to the highest standards for battery markings even
    exceeding U.S. Standards, inspiring confidence that you get exactly what you expect with the YBX5000 series.
  • 40+ Years of Quality in Motorsports brought to the Automotive Market
    Yuasa Automotive batteries delivers the same unwavering quality and performance they have become
    famous for in the U.S. and worldwide in powersports.


*Limited supply of Automotive batteries currently available *

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