YBX9000 Series

YBX9000 Series Batteries

Designed for today’s most advanced vehicle technology, including regenerative braking, energy recovery, and Start-Stop, Yuasa YBX 9000 series batteries is engineered to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions, they continue to offer stellar Yuasa safety features like no free acid with spill-proof construction.

Get the performance and specifications you deserve with a completely maintenance-free battery that comes charged and ready to install. The Yuasa YBX9000 automotive line gives ultimate peace of mind, and is optimized for vehicles that require partial-state-of-charge performance. YBX9000 automotive batteries were developed with a lower self-discharge rate, delivering longer shelf life.

  • Designed & engineered for vehicles with advanced technology like Start – Stop, regenerative braking & energy recovery
  • Reduced fuel consumption & lower emissions
  • Maximized safety features including spill-proof construction & no free acid 
  • OEM & Aftermarket Quality
  • Performance Markings Exceeding U.S. Standards
  • 40+ Years of Quality in Motorsports brought to the Automotive Market


*Due to supply chain issues, automotive batteries are currently limited for purchase .*

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