YBX9000 Series

YBX9000 Series Batteries

Designed for today’s most advanced vehicle technology, including regenerative braking, energy recovery, and Start-Stop, Yuasa YBX 9000 series batteries are engineered to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions, they continue to offer stellar Yuasa safety features like no free acid with spill-proof construction.

Get the performance and specifications you deserve with a completely maintenance-free battery that comes charged and ready to install. The Yuasa YBX9000 automotive line gives ultimate peace of mind, and is optimized for vehicles that require partial-state-of-charge performance. YBX9000 automotive batteries were developed with a lower self-discharge rate, delivering longer shelf life.

  • Designed & engineered for vehicles with advanced technology like Start – Stop, regenerative braking & energy recovery
    Modern vehicles require advanced battery solutions, and Yuasa has the longevity and history of industry leading innovation you can trust to provide cutting edge technology.
  • Reduced fuel consumption & lower emissions
    Yuasa’s advanced technology and materials choices deliver power needed for efficient operation, including the high performance, trustworthiness, and convenience you require.
  • Lithium ion & new carbon additives improves charge acceptance & performance
    Start-Stop vehicles require more electric power than standard vehicles for cranking, re-starting, and handling electric load during idling. Yuasa provides batteries with high durability performance and high charge acceptance to maintain performance standards.
  • The recommended choice for standard ignition vehicles, such as taxis & delivery vehicles
    Perfectly suited for the high demands of Start-Stop vehicles, and replacement YBX 9000 battery needs.
  • OEM & Aftermarket Quality
    Trusted for over 40 years by Original Equipment Manufacturers and owners to deliver power and performance for both OEM and replacement battery needs.
  • Performance Markings Exceeding U.S. Standards
    Yuasa continues to adhere to the highest standards for battery markings even exceeding U.S. Standards, inspiring confidence that you get exactly what you expect with the YBX 9000 series.
  • 40+ Years of Quality in Motorsports brought to the Automotive Market
    Yuasa Automotive batteries deliver the same unwavering quality they have become famous for in the U.S. and worldwide in powersports for automotive batteries.


*Limited supply of Automotive batteries currently available *

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