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Riders know that choosing their motorcycle battery is one of the most important decisions. Welcome to the ultimate destination for bike enthusiasts the world over who seek reliable and high-performance battery solutions.

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Whether you’re cruising on a powerful V-twin or navigating the streets with a versatile metric bike, our battery solutions are crafted to match the distinct needs of both worlds. Discover unparalleled power and reliability designed exclusively for your ride.

Metric Motorcycles

Metric motorcycles refer to bikes that are often produced by non-American manufacturers and use the metric system of measurement. While “metric” is not a specific engine configuration, these bikes can have various engine types, including inline-four, inline-three, V4, and others. Metrics encompass a wide range of motorcycle styles, including sport bikes, touring bikes, and standard bikes.

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V-Twin Motorcycles

V-twin motorcycles are closely associated with American motorcycle manufacturers, particularly Harley-Davidson. Harley is famous for its iconic V-twin engines, which are a staple in cruiser and chopper-style motorcycles. Over the years, they have expanded their repertoire including trikes, Sportsters, Softtails, Road Kings, Road Glide, CVO, touring, and street style bikes. Harley is an iconic name in motorcycles.

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Metric bikes offer a wide array of riding styles, and our batteries are engineered to adapt. Enjoy a personalized riding experience, whether you prefer the aggressive stance of a sport bike, the comfort of a touring model, or the versatility of a standard bike.

YTZ Series Batteries

Compact, lightweight AGM VRLA batteries offer up to 30% more CCA than standard AGM batteries despite their size. Don’t risk leakage and vibration damage with an inferior battery, get the advanced technology and corrosion-preventive high-pressure plates of a YTZ.

  • Engineered to protect against corrosion, withstand vibration and provide superior resistance in extreme conditions of cold and heat – no matter what road you choose.
  • YTZ batteries meets or exceeds Powersports OEM specs.
  • The YTZ14S is one High Performance example that support many brands such as BMW, Honda, and KTM motorcycles that output over 900cc’s

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Experience the heart-pounding power of our batteries crafted for V-twin motorcycles. Designed to complement the torquey V-shaped engines, our batteries ensure a seamless power delivery, enhancing the classic cruiser experience. Advanced materials and engineering features make Yuasa batteries exceptionally resistant to vibration and able to handle extreme angles without losing power. Hit the open road with confidence. Our V-twin battery solutions guarantee a reliable start and consistent power, whether you’re embarking on a cross-country journey or cruising down the boulevard. Your V-twin deserves nothing but the best.

GYZ Series Batteries

Perfect for various motorcycle applications, the GYZ series is your go-to choice for reliable power. No matter your motorcycle’s make or model, GYZ batteries ensure consistent performance.

  • GYZ Series batteries offer significantly increased power and a longer shelf life compared to traditional AGM batteries of the same size.
  • Enhanced materials mean GYZ Batteries are fit to provide long-lasting durability for both older and newer models.
  • GYZ16H fits BMW 1250 GS, Honda, Triumph, and other popular models.

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Yumicron Conventional Batteries

Not all bikes call for AGM batteries. If you are looking for the right Conventional Motorcycle Battery for your V-Twin, a high performance Yumicron brings the power you need with legendary Yuasa reliability.

  • It is the most powerful lead-acid battery of its size.
  • Advanced high-cranking performance derived from special separators and exceptional materials.
  • Conventional batteries such as the 6N11A-1B fits a variety of rides such as select Benelli, Triumph and Harley Davidson SS350 models.
  • Yumicron batteries like the YB16AL-A2 fit numerous Ducati’s like the Monster, Superbike and 916, as well as select Yamaha’s such as the Virago and VMX12.


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