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Revolutionize your driving experience with Yuasa Batteries, the trusted choice for both personal and commercial vehicles. From dynamic sports cars to rugged off-road beasts, and versatile vans to heavy-duty workhorses, Yuasa is engineered to meet the diverse needs of every driver.

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At the core of every Yuasa battery lies a commitment to excellence. Meticulously engineered using cutting-edge technology, our batteries not only meet the unique demands of off and on-road vehicles, but continuously exceed those expectations.


No matter if you are picking up the family, buying groceries or traveling for vacation, you need a battery you can trust, you need a Yuasa Battery. Expertly crafted to provide the quality performance and reliability required for your daily adventures.


Proven reliability for all your delivery and commercial needs. Yuasa quality performance will power you through those long nights and provide lasting durability in the toughest environments.


Personal Cars & Trucks

  • Everyday Commuters: Seamless Starts Every Time – For the daily commute, trust in Yuasa batteries to deliver seamless starts and consistent performance. Whether in stop-and-go traffic or on open highways, experience the reliability that keeps your routine on track.
  • Family Cars: Powering Every Adventure – From school runs to weekend getaways, Yuasa batteries provide the dependable power your family car needs. Enjoy peace of mind on every journey, knowing you can rely on your vehicle’s battery.
  • City Drivers: Navigating Urban Terrain – Navigate the bustling cityscape with confidence. Yuasa batteries are optimized for urban driving, offering the reliability and performance required for daily city life.
  • Popular Compatibility – With applications for popular brands such as Toyota, Ford, Ram, Chevrolet, Honda and Jeep, the YBX series of batteries will keep you covered for your daily travels to work, dinner and soccer practice.

Unleash Performance, Restore Classics, and Explore Off-Road Adventures

  • Sports Cars: Elevate the Thrill – Rev up your sports car experience with Yuasa batteries tailored for high-performance engines. From quick starts to consistent power, trust in the reliability that matches the speed of your exhilarating drive.
  • Classic Cars: Reviving Timeless Beauties – Breathe new life into classic cars with Yuasa batteries crafted for restoration projects. Preserve the essence of automotive history with power that brings your timeless beauty back on the road.
  • Off-Roading & Overlanding: Conquer the Uncharted – Venture off the beaten path with Yuasa batteries designed for off-roading and overlanding enthusiasts. From rocky trails to remote landscapes, power your adventures with batteries that stand up to the rugged challenge.
  • Popular Compatibility – Put the “kick” back into your classic ’69-’73 Mustang with the YBX7024F. Tame the terrain in your Wrangler, Bronco, or Gladiator with the YBX9094R.


For Reliability That Works as Hard as You Do. Elevate the efficiency and reliability of your commercial fleet with Yuasa Batteries, a driving force behind business success. From robust vans
navigating urban landscapes to heavy-duty vehicles tackling the toughest jobs on the road, Yuasa delivers batteries engineered to meet the demanding needs of commercial operations.

Commercial Heavy Duty

  • Vans – Optimize your delivery or transportation fleet with Yuasa batteries tailored for vans. Enjoy the reliability needed for continuous urban driving and long-haul journeys.
  • Heavy-Duty Vehicles – For the toughest jobs on the road, trust in Yuasa batteries designed for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Our batteries deliver the power and durability required for demanding work environments.
  • Specialty Commercial Vehicles – No matter the unique demands of your commercial fleet, Yuasa has batteries to match. From Mack trucks to utility vehicles, power your business with confidence.
  • Popular Compatibility – Get to the job site in your Dodge Ram 4500 with the YBX9094R and make sure your cargo gets to where it needs to go by powering your Mercedes-Benz and Freightliner Sprinter fleet with the YBX9049.


  • Cutting-Edge Technology – Stay ahead of the automotive curve with Yuasa’s commitment to cutting-edge battery technology. Our batteries are engineered to meet the evolving needs of modern vehicles.
  • Performance Markings Beyond Standards – Yuasa adheres to the highest standards for battery markings, going above and beyond U.S. standards. Drive with confidence knowing your Yuasa battery meets or exceeds expectations.
  • OEM and Aftermarket Trust – For over 40 years, Original Equipment Manufacturers and aftermarket users have trusted Yuasa for exceptional power and performance. Join the legacy of excellence.
  • Explore Our Automotive Battery Range – Discover the perfect battery for your vehicle. Whether for personal adventures or commercial endeavors, Yuasa has the power you need. Power up with Yuasa for a drive that never falls short on reliability and performance.

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