GYZ Series AGM

GYZ Series Batteries

If high power is top priority in a replacement battery, look to Yuasa’s High Performance Maintenance Free batteries. Yuasa means more power, less maintenance and longer life. A range of premium quality, heavy duty AGM batteries designed to satisfy the performance requirements and durability demanded by power-hungry touring bikes.

  • Increased AMP Hours
    Higher amp hours mean more runtime and power, making our GYZ series a premium battery choice for select V-Twin, Metric, ATV and UTV applications.
  • Highest CCA Motorcycle and ATV Battery (500 CCA from GYZ32HL)
    CCA is a rating used in the battery industry to define a battery’s ability to start an engine in cold temperatures. The higher the CCA rating, the greater the starting power of the battery especially in colder weather and/or climates.
  • Factory Activated, Maintenance-Free AGM
    Instead of activating a battery yourself, our GYZ batteries are already filled with electrolyte, sealed and charged at the factory. Just install your battery and you’re ready to ride.
  • Built-In Brass Nuts (GYZ32HL, GYZ20H, GYZ20HL, GYZ16HL)
    Up to 50% more conductive than stainless steel and large heavy duty flush terminals, the GYZ series can allow multiple front and top connections as well as support more accessories.
EZ Grip Cover

Simple installation (GYZ32HL)

Large Heavy Duty Flush Terminals

Constructed to allow front and top connections and fit requirements on newer popular bikes (GYZ32HL, GYZ20HL, GYZ20H)

Built-in Brass Nuts

Up to 50% better conductivity than stainless steel (GYZ32HL, GYZ20HL, GYZ20H, GYZ16HL)

Enhanced Active Material

Compounded to withstand vibration, prolong battery life and dependability

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Separators

Absorb electrolyte, making the battery nonspillable

Protective Separator Material

Enhances vibration resistance

Safety Flame-Arrestor

Leak proof valve relieves excess pressure

Heat Bonded Cover

Eliminates leaks and corrosion

Thru-Partition Construction

Provides shorter current path with less resistance than "over the partition" construction, resulting in more cranking power

Taller Plates

Extra surface area for more power: up to 500 CCA and 32 Ah to power more accessories

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