Yumicron / Conventional

Yumicron Conventional Batteries

Conventional Batteries, engineered to protect against corrosion, withstand vibration, and deliver more cranking power.
Not all vehicle batteries require absorbed glass mat technology. For every Powersport vehicle, Yuasa offers reliable solutions start after start. Simple and efficient, Yuasa’s line of conventional batteries carry the unparalleled quality of any battery bearing the Yuasa name. Yuasa Yumicron High-Performance conventional batteries come ready to install, and provide the cranking amps you need to power your powerports passion, from jetskis and UTVs to mopeds and motorcycles. If you are looking for a replacement conventional battery, both the Yumicron and the Yuasa conventional 6N or 12N deliver standard performance you can rely on, with advanced materials.

Yumicron (High Performance)

YB / Y50 / Y60

  • Heat Sealed Case
    Conventional batteries are lead acid, this sealed case protects against
    seepage and corrosion
  • High Cranking Power 
    Special thin separators and exceptional materials provides the high-cranking power needed for Powersports vehicles
  • Ready to Install
    Batteries come ready to install, and are ideal for ATVs and Motorcycles
  • Heavy-Duty Glass Mat
    Resists shredding of active material even under severe vibration


6N / 12N

  • Special Thin Separators
    Provides high cranking power needed for Powersports vehicles with high quality materials and advanced design features
  • Engineered to Protect
    Engineered to protect against corrosion, withstand vibration, and deliver high cranking power
  • 6 Volt and 12 Volt Varieties
    Available in the voltage you need for your motorcycle, ATV, UTV, or Personal Watercraft, in 6- and 12-volt varieties

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