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Prepare for aquatic thrills with Yuasa Personal Watercraft (PWC) Batteries perfect for powering all craft, from Waverunner to Sea-Doo, and beyond. Crafted for high performance, our batteries redefine reliability, ensuring your watercraft or Jet Ski is ready for every high-speed adventure, from carving the waves to jumping or just a day of cruising.

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Yuasa’s Superior PWC Battery Technology

Revolutionize your water adventures with Yuasa, the trusted name in marine power. Our Personal Watercraft (PWC) batteries redefine reliability, ensuring you stay charged and ready for every aquatic thrill, from power slides to wake jumping.

  • Designed for Smooth Sailing – Yuasa PWC batteries are designed to endure the challenges of aquatic environments, high vibration and aggressive riding. From quick acceleration to sustained performance, for two-stroke and four-stroke engines, our batteries empower you to navigate the waters with confidence.
  • Quick Start Technology – Technology for the Waves: Get on the water faster with Yuasa’s quick start technology. Experience instant power, ensuring your watercraft is always ready for the next adventure.
  • Battery Endurance – Our high-capacity batteries let you extend your water journeys. From leisurely cruises to high-speed maneuvers, Yuasa batteries provide the endurance you need for uninterrupted fun all day long.


No matter the make of your water scooter, become part of a community of Jet Ski and WaveRunner owners who continuously choose Yuasa Batteries over the competition. When it is time to replace your Sea-Doo or Tigershark battery, Yuasa is the right choice for optimal power on the waves. With durable, worry-free, and high-performance batteries, there is nowhere else to look but here.

  • Traditional Reliability – Conventional Flooded Batteries: For those who appreciate the classics, Yuasa’s conventional flooded batteries deliver reliable power for starting and essential applications. Embrace tradition with a battery that stands the test of time. For your 1988-2007 BRB Sea-Doo GTI, GTX, GTR RXP, RXT, or Wake- look no further than the YIX30L-PW for reliable performance. Kicking it old school with an early 90’s Kawasaki Jest Ski or Yamaha Wave Runner? Then the YTX20HL-PW is your best option.
  • Advanced AGM Technology – Yuasa AGM Batteries for Endless Adventures: Elevate your on-the-water experiences with Yuasa’s sealed AGM batteries. Crafted for enduring power, these batteries thrive in challenging conditions. Enhanced vibration and heat resistance make them your trusted companion on rough waters, ensuring longevity even in the most demanding adventures. Have a 2016 or newer BRP Sea-Doo 1500CC GTI, GTR, GTX or WAKE Pro? Upgrade to GYZ20HL. Go with the High-Performance AGM in the YTX20HL-PW for your Yamaha Wave Runner, Super Jet, FX and EX! The YTX20HL-BS is a great High Performance AGM model that fits many Kawasaki models, such as: JT1500 series, STX series, SXR, Ultra 160 and more!
  • The Yuasa Difference – Experience unmatched durability as your battery withstands the roughest waters, ensuring reliability in every aquatic adventure. Navigate waves confidently, knowing your battery is engineered to absorb shocks, providing stability even in the most challenging conditions. Conquer hot summer days without performance concerns, thanks to superior heat endurance. Enjoy the freedom of hassle-free adventures with a maintenance-free design, allowing you to focus solely on the thrill of the ride.

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