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Embrace the chill with Yuasa Batteries, your partner in powering unforgettable snowmobile journeys. Engineered for the demands of winter terrains, our batteries redefine cold-weather reliability, ensuring your snowmobile is always ready for the next arctic adventure.

Power Through The Snow.

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Unrivaled Cold-Weather Performance

Experience unparalleled power in sub-zero temperatures. Yuasa batteries are crafted to withstand the harshest winter conditions, providing reliable starts and consistent performance for your snowmobile adventures no matter what terrain you choose to conquer.

  • Quick Start Technology – Eager to hit the snow? Yuasa’s quick start technology ensures instant power for your sled, letting you hit the powder with thrill and efficiency.
  • High-Capacity Endurance – Extend your snowmobile explorations with Yuasa’s high-capacity batteries. Traverse the unknown, trailblazing across frozen landscapes on an exhilarating journey powered by Yuasa’s durable and long-lasting batteries.
  • Designed for Extreme Cold – Yuasa batteries are optimized for extreme cold, ensuring reliable starts even in the coldest winter environments.
  • Maintenance-Free Reliability – Ride worry-free with Yuasa. Our snowmobile batteries are engineered for reliability, allowing you to focus solely on the thrill of winter exploration.

Trusted by Winter Enthusiasts

Join a community of winter Powersports lovers who trust Yuasa for their power needs. Our brand is synonymous with reliability, ensuring you can enjoy the frosty trails with confidence.

  • Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA) Excellence – Yuasa’s snowmobile batteries boast exceptional Cold-Cranking Amps, providing the power needed to start in extreme cold conditions.
  • Durable Construction – Built to withstand the challenges of winter terrain, Yuasa batteries provide superior durability and reliability to take on whatever old man winter throws at you. Whether you are sidehilling, highmarking, or simply out boondocking, Yuasa snowmobile batteries are built to endure the winter adversity.
  • Power Up Your Winter Adventures – Upgrade your BRP Ski-Doo Renegade with a premier AGM battery such as the YTX20HL or GYZ20HL. Yuasa provides excellent AGM Battery upgrades for the Yamaha Apex, Viper and Arctic Cat Bearcat with the YTX20H-BS or the GYZ20H. Ride a Polaris RMK? Look no further than the YTX20CH-BS.

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