Yuasa GYZ Series Motorcycle Battery

Yuasa GYZ32HL 500 CCA powersports motorcycle AGM battery

Yuasa Battery Press Release:

Yuasa Battery Inc. recently launched its GYZ Series product line, specifically designed to be the next generation in motorcycle batteries. These factory-activated, maintenance-free, Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are ideal for the most demanding applications that require the highest performance and unmatched reliability.

With 500 CCA and 32 AH, the flagship GYZ32HL is the industry’s most powerful motorcycle battery. Compared to traditional AGM batteries of the same size, GYZ Series batteries offer significantly increased power and longer shelf life. This makes the GYZ Series batteries particularly suited to today’s high-power accessories such as GPS systems and audio systems.

All Yuasa GYZ Series batteries feature an enhanced active material.  The large, heavy-duty, flush terminals found on GYZ32HL, GYZ20HL and GYZ20H have multiple connections (front and top) and durability to meet the challenging requirements of newer and popular bikes. Additionally, built-in-brass nuts deliver up to 50 percent better conductivity than stainless steel.

The Yuasa GYZ Series portfolio includes a total of six sizes for heavy-duty V-twin and Metric motorcycles, as well as other powersports applications including ATV and UTV. All GYZ Series batteries are manufactured locally in Laureldale, Pennsylvania, USA.

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