YTZ Series AGM

The YTZ series battery: Longer battery life due to improved vibration resistance with corrosion-preventive, high-pressure plates 

  • High CCA, more capacity, minimum space
  • Enhanced capacity recovery
  • Expanded grid design for superior reliability
  • Ideal for sport bike applications

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Heat Sealed Case To Cover

Protects against leakage and corrosion and provides for extra stength and durability.

Special Active Material

Compounded to withstand vibration, it prolongs the battery life in storage and provides reliable starting power when needed

Unique Expanded Plate Grid Design

Increased number of plates for maximum starting power and to withstand severe vibration resistance

AGM Separators

Absorbed Glass Matt separators absorb the electrolyte and make the battery spill-proof. The valve regulated design eliminates water loss and the need for refilling

Polypropylene (PP) Cover & Container

Protects against fuel and oil and designed to withstand vibration and impact under extreme conditions

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