When to Replace Your Motorcycle Battery

When it comes to your ride, reliability is paramount. A robust and healthy battery will always get you home if you take care of it well. But when is it time to replace your motorcycle battery?

How Long Do Powersports Batteries Last?

The average life of a motorcycle battery is 2 to 5 years, with AGM Batteries lasting slightly longer than conventional batteries with a 3 to 5 year lifespan. However, this simplistic answer leaves questions unanswered — you need to know when to replace your motorcycle battery.

How you have cared for your battery is the most crucial factor in determining how often to replace a motorcycle battery after the manufacturer and components. That is because maintaining your battery extends battery life. Below, we discuss how to know when to change your motorcycle battery.

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When to Replace Your Motorcycle Battery

For the most straightforward answer, the right time to replace your Powersports battery is when it begins to start your bike more slowly. When should that start happening?

First, ask yourself is if you have properly maintained your battery. If you have, replacement should be sometime between 3 and 5 years for an AGM and 2 to 5 years for a conventional. If not, it could be even sooner.

If your battery is older than three years or is sluggish starting, it’s probably time to find a dealer. Not every battery goes bad at three years, and your dealer may be able to evaluate your battery to tell you if it needs replacing or not.

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Choosing a New Battery for Your Motorcycle

Finding a Yuasa replacement battery for your bike is easy. There are two ways to begin. You can visit the Yuasa page and use either the battery search feature or the find a dealer search.

Learn more about how to choose a new battery with our Selecting the Proper Vehicle Battery article.

Learn More about Changing Your Motorcycle Battery

If it is time to change your Powersports battery, there are things you will need to know about your motorcycle battery replacement. You can find the information you need to change your battery on our site, including activating new AGM batteries and disposing of your old batteries.

Read on here to learn more about how to activate a new AGM battery. To learn more about disposing of your old battery, check out our piece on proper battery disposal. This article connects you to the best battery safety information.

The Answer May Vary, but Power is Essential

Every battery may be a little different, but how you maintain your battery can change how often you need to replace them. As a simple rule, 3 to 5 years, or when their start isn’t snappy anymore, are good times to replace them.

Now that you know when to replace your Powersports battery make sure that you brush up on how best to maintain your conventional or AGM here. Remember, if you are on the fence about whether your scoot needs a new power source, you can always reach out to a Yuasa dealer to get a professional opinion.

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