Safety Data Sheet


A Safety Data Sheets are detailed informational documents prepared by the manufacturer or importer of a hazardous chemicals and describes the physical and chemical properties of the product. SDSs contain information such as toxicity, flash point, procedures for spills and leaks, storage guidelines, and exposure control.


SDS for Valve Regulated Lead Battery (VRLA) AGM Battery SDS #853023
(Sealed battery supplied filled with acid)

Commonly referred to as; Non-Spillable, Factory Activated, or Wet.

SDS for VRLA, Non-Spillable AGM Battery #853023

(Battery supplied filled with acid, activated battery)

SDS for VRLA, AGM Battery

(Dry battery supplied with separate acid pack)
Commonly referred as Fresh Pack, Bottle Supplied (BS) or Carry-out.

Use SDS #853021 and SDS #853022

SDS for AGM or Conventional Battery SDS #853021

(Dry charged battery supplied dry, acid pack not includedNon-Hazardous

SDS for Battery Electrolyte SDS #853022

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