Ski-Doo Battery Fit Issues: Troubleshooting and Proper Installation of YTX20L and YTX20HL

Whether you’re a long-time enthusiast, or just getting into snowmobiling, every aspect of your snowmobile, from the battery to the tracks, matters.In fact, choosing the right battery is crucial for keeping your Ski-Doo in top condition. Whether you're navigating snowy trails or preparing for winter storage, a properly installed and reliable battery ensures smooth performance. It also has a heavy impact on the safety and health of your machine.This snowmobile battery guide addresses common installation issues with YTX20L and YTX20HL batteries and provides essential tips to help you install your battery with ease.

Understanding Your Ski-Doo Battery Options

Ski-Doos require high-performance batteries to handle the demands brought on by the winter weather and terrain. The YTX20L and YTX20HL batteries from Yuasa are popular among enthusiasts for very good reason.Let’s explore why these batteries are preferred and then typical challenges you might face during installation.

YTX20L and YTX20HL Batteries

The YTX20L and YTX20HL are Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries, designed to provide superior power and reliability. These batteries are factory-activated, meaning they come pre-filled with acid and sealed, ready for immediate use.These batteries provide instant power to your sled with Quick Start Technology, and high capacity endurance to keep you trailblazing across frozen landscapes. They are a perfect fit for frigid and sub-zero temps because they are optimized for performance in the extreme cold.Conventional Batteries that require activation can be used in many applications without a severe impact on safety when the battery is properly activated. Snowmobiles, however, are not one of those applications, so choosing a factory-activated battery is typically the best option.

YTX20L and YTX20HL Snowmobile Battery Fast Facts:

  • Factory-Activated: These batteries eliminate the need for user activation, which increases the risk of acid spills and leaks. Get increased safety and the power to send it.
  • Durable Construction: Our spill-proof AGM batteries advanced technology is maintenance-free and vibration resistant. Spend your time sledding, not in the garage.
  • High Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): Both models offer excellent starting power, even in cold weather, which is essential for Ski-Doos. Carve the powder with reliable starting power.
For more information on each specific battery, check out our specs page for the YTX20HL or specifications for the YTX20L.

Common Vehicle Applications

The YTX20L and YTX20HL batteries are used in almost all Ski-Doo models, making them versatile and widely applicable. These batteries fit snugly into the battery compartment of most Ski-Doos, ensuring a secure and stable connection.Their advanced technology and superior design keep you racking up the mileage safely, from tabletop trails to tracked-out terrain.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide for YTX20L and YTX20HL

Below, the Battery experts at Yuasa have compiled a detailed guide to help you install them into your sled, from preparation to finishing. Please note that each make, model, and year of snowmobile will have different manufacturer recommendations, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual.To avoid common issues and ensure a smooth installation process, follow these steps:


  • Consult the Manufacturer’s Guide: Always start by reviewing the specific installation instructions for your Ski-Doo model.
  • Stabilize the Vehicle: Ensure your Ski-Doo is on a stable surface. Turn off the ignition and allow any hot parts to cool down.

Accessing the Battery

  • Locate the Battery Compartment: This is typically under the seat or behind a panel. Use the appropriate tools to remove the seat or panel.
  • Disconnect the Old Battery: Start by disconnecting the negative terminal (black), followed by the positive terminal (red) to prevent short circuits.

Installing the New Battery

  • Inspect the Battery Compartment: Check for any signs of corrosion or damage. Clean the terminal connectors and the compartment area.
  • Place the New Battery: Insert the YTX20L or YTX20HL battery into the compartment, ensuring it fits securely and is oriented correctly.
  • Connect the New Battery: Connect the positive terminal first, followed by the negative terminal. Ensure the connections are tight and secure.

Final Steps

  • Reassemble the Vehicle: Replace any removed straps, brackets, or panels, and reinstall the seat or cover.
  • Test the Battery: Turn on the ignition to ensure the Ski-Doo powers up correctly. Test the lights, indicators, and other electrical components.
  • Safety Check: Perform a brief safety check to ensure all systems are operational and the vehicle is safe to use.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When engineering battery compartments, it seems that many snowmobiles end up with batteries that are not in the traditional upright position. While this can make dangerous acid leaks more common, factory-activated and sealed batteries are safe even when mounted at extreme angles.Ski-doos are no exception, and one problem can be properly orienting your battery. Below is an image that more clearly illustrates the battery position needed, which is sitting on its side.If you encounter issues during installation, follow these troubleshooting steps:
  • Check Battery Activation: Ensure you are using a factory-activated battery. Using a bottle-supplied battery can lead to acid leakage, causing damage and potential safety hazards.
  • Verify Fitment: Make sure the battery is positioned correctly. If the YTX20HL or YTX20L won’t fit, it might be due to incorrect orientation or an obstructed compartment.
  • Inspect Connections: Double-check the terminal connections for tightness and cleanliness. Loose or corroded connections can prevent proper battery function.

Additional Maintenance Tips:

Monitor Battery Performance: Keep an eye on battery performance, especially if your Ski-Doo displays warning beeps indicating low battery or other issues​. Having a battery tester on hand is important to keep tabs on your battery.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly clean battery terminals and ensure proper charge levels to avoid performance issues​.
  • Still having trouble with your batteries fit? Check out our Battery Finder for your snowmobile’s specific year and model to ensure you have the correct battery.

Additional Resources

To learn more other battery maintenance or specific batteries, or for more information, such as when to replace your battery or how to dispose of the old battery, visit the Yuasa Resources section or click on any of the articles below.For more information on battery maintenance, replacement, and disposal, visit the Yuasa Resources section or explore the articles below:

Keep Snowmachining with Yuasa’s Power and Reliability for Your Ski-Doo

Choosing a factory-activated battery like the YTX20L or YTX20HL from Yuasa ensures your Ski-Doo operates smoothly without the hassle of manual acid application and potential leakage later on due to the battery's position. Our batteries are designed to provide reliable power, making them the best batteries for Ski-Doos. Purpose-built and designed with your kind of heavy use in mind, we deliver the CCAs, safety, and perfect fit you need.If you need further assistance or have questions about our products, please contact your authorized Yuasa Battery distributor or Yuasa Battery directly. We are here to help you get the most out of your ride.For over 40 years, Yuasa Battery has been manufacturing powersports batteries in the United States to uncompromisingly high standards. We are the largest American manufacturer and distributor of batteries for motorcycles, snowmobiles, scooters, all-terrain vehicles, side-by-sides, and personal watercraft.

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