YBX Automotive Press Release

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Yuasa Battery Inc. America Announces New YBX Automotive/Marine Line

Laureldale, Pennsylvania, USA, September 16, 2022 – Yuasa Battery Inc. announces the launch of the YBX automotive and marine batteries to the North American battery market.

Yuasa Battery Inc’s new YBX brand introduces next generation battery technology, developed with leading vehicle manufacturers, and comes charged and ready to install. With advanced technology vehicles in mind, Yuasa’s YBX batteries are optimized for partial state of charge performance and developed with a lower self-discharge rate for longer shelf life.

“Our YBX batteries are fully maintenance free and designed with advanced safety features for ultimate peace of mind,” said AyKaun Okuma, Senior Director of Automotive and Aftermarket. “Featuring quality and precision that gives transparency beyond US standards, the YBX brand meets the highest international quality and performance.”

Yuasa Battery Inc. will introduce: YBX Automotive series, YBX Auxiliary and YBX Active Marine into the North America market Fall 2022.

Yuasa Battery Inc. America, a subsidiary of GS Yuasa, has been manufacturing and distributing batteries for motorcycles, ATVs, UTV’s, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, and scooters in the USA since 1979.

Release Dates TBD

Aykaun Okuma

Senior Director of Automotive and Aftermarket Sales


[email protected]

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